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The Lapdog
Shaun Jackson Design, Inc.
reviewed by Roberta Mikkelsen

Well, I have to admit it. I am a bag junkie. I like all kinds of bags. I don't like cheap bags yet I don't want to pay a lot. I do want a high quality bag.

The name Lapdog intrigued me, so I went to their clean and user-friendly site: They present the Lapdog as a simple and elegant solution to the problem of using a computer on your lap.

There are many views of the Lapdog. It is a padded case with two good-sized pockets that fold over your computer. You put your laptop in the center of the bag, fold the bottom flap over the computer then the top flap. This is the
inner wrap, made of a rubber gripdeck that is used to keep things from sliding, not the thin RV rubber shelving stuff but the good heavy-duty quality made for machinery. It is kept in place by two Velcro strips (not the cheap dots) that are about one and a half inches by four inches each.

Now bring the side pockets over the top of the laptop, and Velcro that holds them in place along with a nylon strap that seals the whole unit together. As if that isn't enough, they sewed two nylon straps onto the bottom of the bag that wrap around to the top and snap into four quick-release buckles.

The leather handle is integrated into the nylon straps that wrap around the bag so it cannot break. The shoulder strap uses the black anodized swivel clasps that are also heavy-duty. The swivel clasp is a detail that is a pleasure to have; it untwists the strap that is wrapped around your shoulder like a snake.

The hardware quality; the comfortable ergonomic shoulder pad spreads the weight out and never slips or bores a hole in your shoulder. The bag itself is made of ballistics nylon, black of course.

To use the Lapdog you set it on your lap, release the buckles, undo the straps, unfold the pockets and you're good to go in seconds. The inner wrap can even be rolled up to form a wrist pad.

I applaud the designer of this bag for it screams quality. From something as simple as a zipper to the hinge of the suede pocket, this item was not designed by their cost accountant. The number accessories you can pack into the pockets is amazing. This is truly a product to last a lifetime and they guarantee that with the original owner. It is made in America If you keep the computer in the bag on your desk you may prefer the LapTrap, a padded sleeve that unfolds in seconds and is compact enough to fit in your current briefcase or backpack ($59.95.) For the backpacker there is the Back Office that combines a carrying case, backpack and portable office all in one ($39.95.)

There are also Doggie Bags that you can add to the Lapdog, enabling you to add additional storage space for files, portable printers etc. This is the best bag I have ever used. Design, functionality and quality are all well thought out. My brother was into cheap bags until last week, when his brand new iBook rolled into
the gutter. Now he wants a Lapdog!

The company is user group-friendly and will give you a very generous discount. The Lapdog's street price is $139.95 but you can get it for $79.95. Just enter the code "ugspecial" on their web site when ordering.

The Lapdog
Shaun Jackson Design Inc.
PO Box 130500
Ann Arbor MI 48113

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