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SuperVoice Home
Pacific Image Communication, Inc.
reviewed by Ken Herbig

A while ago, I sent out a request to MHM for recommendations for an answering machine for my computer. One of the recommendations was SuperVoice by Pacific Image Communication, Inc. They produce two versions of their software, "Home" and "Pro." I am using and reviewing their "Home" version.

The program comes on a CD and truly installs itself. It locates and identifies your modem and sets up communication with it. The only information I needed to add was my e-mail and "snail mail" addresses, and my phone numbers.

SuperVoice comes with a single mailbox and fax capabilities. You have the option of recording your own personalized welcome message or using a prerecorded one. If you are into personalizing messages, the program allows you to change any or all the recorded messages. Playing your voice messages is as easy as clicking the mouse. You can selectively save them after you have listened to them or delete them. When viewing a fax in the viewer, you can rotate it, enlarge it up to 200% or just print it.

When the program installs, it installs a printer, "PIC Win 95/98/NT." The actual name will depend on what version of Windows you are running. When you are in your favorite word processor and you want to send a fax, you can just go to
"print" and choose the PIC printer. The SuperVoice "Send fax dialog box" will open. At that point, you type in the name and phone number of the person or company that you are sending it to (or select it from the address book you create) and away it goes!

There are many features that I didn't explore. I am sure that message retrieval and forwarding would come in handy, if I traveled or needed to receive messages during the day. With "Caller ID", I could even screen my calls.

I was looking for an easy, efficient way to receive my phone and fax messages, using my computer. SuperVoice Home satisfied all my needs and then some. If you are looking for a Program to take care of your communication needs, look no further.

Full Version $19.95
System Requirements:
PC: 486-DX2/66 or faster
(Pentium recommended)
Windows 3.1/3.11/9x/NT
8 MB of RAM (16 MB recommended)
25 MB of free hard disk space
An EIA Class I/II voice/fax modem properly installed in your system.

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